Earnings Models Of Mobile App Reseller Business

Do you want to earn money with an app? Do you want to start your own mobile app reseller business but you don’t know which revenue model is best to choose? There are various revenue models, each and every revenue model has its own pros and cons. In order to find the best mobile app reseller business model, different considerations have to be made. In this article you will read a short overview of the opportunities for making money with a reseller of mobile app model.

When Submitting The App In The Various App Stores, You Have The Following Options:

• Offer application with a fixed sales price.
• Offer a free application with additional in-app (Premium) purchases.
• Offer a free application with a supplementary subscription.
• Offer free application with advertisements.
• Offer application with a fixed sales price

Many applications are sold with a fixed price, but apps for premium prices are also sold. Premium apps are made for a niche market or target smaller groups of the audience with specific wishes.

The starting point in offering paid, particularly high-priced Premium apps, is delivering an excellent app with high added value for the user. The advantages that the application offers must convince the user to proceed with the purchase. Applications such as games, business applications and educational apps often provide a unique value that makes the user willing to pay.

• Free Application With Additional In-App Purchases (Freemium)

A successful strategy for offering apps is the model of a free app with in-app purchases (freemium model). Since the app is being provided for free, the app is interesting for a larger target group, and the app is downloaded more often. By offering additional extras (in-app purchases) for a certain amount, the app has an excellent revenue model.

• Free Application With A Supplementary Subscription (For Additional Functions)

Another way to offer the app is in the form of free application with an additional subscription. This revenue model has proven to be reasonably successful; this model is not yet widely used. Examples of apps where this revenue model has proven successful include news apps, magazines, and dating apps. The popular chat service Whatsapp has also switched to this revenue model. In order to succeed this revenue model, it is important that the application remains interesting for the user in the long term. This can be done through new content e.g. magazines, or offering a unique functionality or service such as Whatsapp.

• Free Application With Advertisements

A free app with ads is a widely used revenue model. Android users are less willing to pay for an app, not even in the form of in-app purchases or in the subscription form.
Developers using ads are paid based on the number of clicks on the ad or on the total amount of ads displayed. The revenue model with advertising is lucrative if you want to develop an app that reaches a broad audience. After all, the more people are reached, the higher the revenues.

Best Mobile App Reseller Business

When you choose the right app store and the revenue model for your mobile app reseller business, you can significantly increase your turnover by publishing your application in multiple languages. Many developers focus only on the country of origin and leave other lucrative markets (and potential buyers) to the left. When you make sure that the app is available in multiple languages, you increase your chances and income.

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